Process Optimization

Now a days All Mines face the same challenge: how to use advances in technology to increase their productivity and reduce cost. As a result, the focus of technological development is on optimization, which is the best utilization of the existing mine and processing plant and consequently, the highest product and minimum investment.

The mining industry is very critical because produce a primary product whose value is decided on international exchanges, and which fluctuates widely depending on global demand: in the past 50 years, the average price of metals has varied by a factor of 600%. At times of slumps, only the mines with the high productive technology can continue.

Another factor that puts a premium on technology is the fact that over the life cycle of mine the grade of the ore that is mined has declined 40% and the ore bodies themselves have become deeper and more remote. This means that the effectiveness and reliability of a mine’s equipment is becoming ever more critical to its success.
To tackle these issues, operators have to make the most of their suppliers’ R&D departments, and the good news is that significant advances have been achieved on many fronts. This means that when new mines are being planned, and old ones upgraded, the option is there to optimize production in a way that until recently would have been unthinkable.

One set of advances have occurred in the comminution process – the series of mills that crush and then grind the ore until the particles are small enough to separate on the basis of their densities

To maximize a mining project’s economic returns, it is essential to analyse ore characteristics and the mineral’s metallurgical characteristics at each stage of processing options. This should be done at all project stages, from exploration and evaluation through to plant operation, and when planning circuit changes and expansions.
Mineser experienced metallurgists and processing engineers will help you develop and evaluate metallurgical testwork programs, optimize operations, and conduct technical studies.
Mineser will work closely with you to deliver a process solution tailored to your project’s specific requirements.
As a mine progresses through its life cycle, the ROM’s mineralogy changes. Hence, the plant operation process should be reviewed consequently and adjusted to maintain optimum performance.
Mineser will carefully assess each stage of your process from integration with mining operations through final product and waste treatment. Using cutting edge advanced process control systems and tools, we audit the process and will recommend comprehensive solutions that will increase the throughput, productivity and process efficiency, and reduce your operating costs.
Mineser team of metallurgists and processing engineers has experience from all stages of operational process, with specialized expertise in comminution (crushing and grinding), mineral separation methods especially complex floatation and magnetic separation, and dewatering systems.


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