Vision technology for advanced control of comminution circuits’ performance

One of the most common ongoing challenges for mining companies is minimizing energy consumption. Also 50% of mine site energy consumption is in comminution and grinding circuit. As a result, developing and implementing a simple solution or equipment will be critical to reduce energy consumption in mining during the comminution process, implementing new policies for automation, using digital technologies.
In order to obtain more dependable information regarding the particle size distribution in the feed and discharge flows of crushing processes, a reliable measurement and monitoring system is required.
In recent years, a number of vision or optical systems became commercially available for enhancing the industrial equipment especially in mining plants. A vision system in the mineral industry can be consisted of a number of cameras, installed at critical points of the process such as on the overhead of a conveyor belt, at the discharge of a truck or a pile, at apex or vortex of hydrocyclones and different levels of flotation cells. The cameras will communicate with one (or several) computer(s) which analyze(s) the images and generate valuable information in order to increase the functionality of the plant by mean of doing needed modifications if any deviation from specifications is detected in an equipment.
VisioRock™ is one of the many vision controllers that makes monitoring and analyzing visible rock particles in the production process and especially the feed material for different crushing stages or mills, possible. The system combines dependable particle size measurement with the possibility to directly adjust the crusher gap setting if any deviation from specifications is detected. Especially in mills, adjustment of the suitable feed rate is directly connected with the particle size.



In conclusion, due to high energy consumption of comminution circuit and highly reliable performance of vision or optical controlling systems like VisioRock™, it will be profitable to implement such this equipment which may have noticeable results in energy saving and consequently on financial outcome of the plant.