Lead and Zinc

Pb-Zn ore divides into sulfide Pb-Zn ore and oxide Pb-Zn ore. Flotation is the most widely used in separating sulfide Pb-Zn ore, to separate zinc and plumbum, sometimes for separating sulfide iron and other minerals. Sulfide Pb-Zn ore process divides into priority flotation process, mix-separating flotation, asynchronous flotation, and so on.

1-    Mix-separating flotation process
This process is to mix all the sulfide zinc and sulfide plumbum into the mixing concentrate, abandon tailings. This process is more effective in separating plumbum and zinc.
2-    Asynchronous flotation
Normally different minerals have different floatability , asynchronous flotation is to separate plumbum and zinc in different steps to ensure the most effective floatability of minerals in a suitable condition