Material Handling

Based in France, Brunone has over 30 years of experience in innovation solutions and handling equipment for bulk handling by belt conveyors with products and services contribute to improve the team safety, the respect of the environment and your installations’ durability.
Product offerings
long distance curved and downhill conveyors, concrete frame conveyors, rippable conveyors, orientable, fixed and linear stackers and Innovated accessories.

Why Brunone?
Brunone’s experts will bring you bespoke solutions adapted at your needs and guarantee reliability, productivity and safety.
Also, Brunone operate on various different activities: quarries, cement plant, glass plant, industrial minerals, metallurgy and even explosive atmosphere installation with long experience with bulk material handling, Recognized expertise in materiel conveying and Cost optimization based on proven BRUNONE’s innovating solutions make Brunone a unique company in the field of material handling.

Overland conveyors
Mineser-Techmi’s experiences and know-how in Horizontal-Curved Overland conveyors, makes us one of the world’s leaders in special overland conveyors solution providing. For very long distance overland conveyors, topography is always a considerable challenge. Horizontal Curved Overland Conveyors extremely caused reduction in the investment cost due to good alignment with the existing topography without large civil works such as tunneling.  Also, caused reduction in maintenance cost and operational cost due to decrease in downtime.
Mineser-Techmi cooperation’s mission is to provide the OPTIMIZED solution for each complex bulk handling system.

SPARMAT: High-Performance Impact Beds

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