Flotation Cells Solutions

With 20 years of experience, Tailing Technology is a local market leader in the production of Flotation machines. The brand has been manufacturing and selling high-quality Flotation cells and high technological and technical services since 1998.  Tailing technology is the Pioneer in Pelatinum group metals flotation.
Product offerings
With over 20 years of successful experience, TAILING TECHNOLOGY is best known for its High-Energy equipment especially flotation cells, tailing retreatment operation, maintenance and management of mineral processing plants, EPCM and construction of plants, plants maintenance, monitoring and planning and metallurgical and engineering consultant services for process plants are the main fields of expertise of the company.

Why tailing technology?
Up to dated technical knowledge, perfect metallurgical results, low maintenance and downtime costs as a result of using high quality materials and long-time operational experience, makes TT a well deserved choice for flotation plants.


Tailing technology High energy; Key to the highest recovery

Mineser-Tailing technology flotation mechanism; pioneer in PGM, outstanding in Base metals



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