Dewatering Solutions

Established in 1980, Sotres has a distinguished 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing personalized plants for mineral processing dewatering units, industrial and municipal water treatment processes, mining water recycling sectors and also sand washing with over 2500 successful projects in over 50 different countries.
Product offerings:
Sotres offers wide range of quality products in the fields of Dewatering and water recycling (Thickeners), Slurry Filtering (Filter press), Liquid-solid separation, Desanding and Bentonite Mud treatment and Sand pit quarries

Why Sotres?
With sotres all aspects and requirements of a project will be analyzed together and each product will be specifically designed. Depending on the ratio analysis performed in Sotres laboratories, a suitable solution will be proposed in order to obtain the desired quality by the customer.
Also all the products will meet the following requirements:

      -Easy-functional design
      -Durability of the plants
      -Saving of the energy consumption
      -Limit taking-off of natural resources (water)

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SOTRES; Dewatering Solution, Reliable filter press

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