SOTRES; Dewatering Solution, Reliable filter press

Sotres as one of the most well-Known European dewatering machine manufacturers, provide different types of products which one the most notable one among them is their Filter press. Specific design, performing primary tests, flexibility in production and costume options are the main strength points. The benefits of Sotres filter presses are elaborated below:

Sotres’s CRS
TM cake releasing system consists of multiple vertical shafts with an integrated cloth, working together to have remove the cake in the filter press. The vertical movement of the shafts with compatible implementation of extra layer clothing lead to cake release in this system. CRS makes some big differences regarding the release of cake in Sotres filter presses in comparison with other products that some of these benefits are mentioned below:
1-    Makes the cake to have ideal released with no trace of solid particles on the chamber cloth.
2-    Reduction in the number of washing cycles of the filter press due to ideal cake removal
3-     Lowering the water consumption and lower humidity of discharge solid as a result ofreduction in number of washing cycles
4-    Increase in cloth life span as a result of implementation of an extra layer
5-    Decrease in maintenance costs and downtime due to lower breakdown of this system in comparison with shaking method


Washing system
1-    The washing arm goes between 2 successive plates and washes the plates directly from infront
2-    The washing arm goes up and down to make sure the whole plate being washed
3-    The pressure of washing water is about 60 bars which can have efficient removal of the trace without any harm to plate cloths
4-    The accurate positioning of the washing arms obtain by electronic sensors


Fully automated operation
The Sotres filter press can operate fully automated with no need of human operator using sensitive controlling system, online monitoring and precise programed automation.

Specific design
Each project being specific, with analyzing all the aspects and requirements of your project, and depending on the ratio analysis performed in our laboratory, Sotres proposes a suitable solution to obtain the desired quality and delicate filter press to the costumer. The flexibility can be implemented in following topics:
•    Number of plates
•    Washing system cycle
•    Cake release and shaking mechanism
•    Blowing mechanism and outlet solid percent
•    Process features of the filter press

Fault diagnosis and control
The system has a state of art fault diagnosis system which can detect and alarm the problems occurred to filter press. This system is capable of making the engineers aware of the fault, the location of it and also the reason that leads to the problem.  The diagnosis system works in routine below:
•    Amount of pressure and height of filtrate level is checked uninterruptedly by a pressure transmitter and some electronic probes located in the filter
•    The filtering cycle time checks real time to indicate the fault within the washing cycle.
•    The level differential of the CRS shafts in comparison with the primary level  can be a indicator of the more weight of the plates that comes from incomplete  removal of the cake.

Reinforced body construction
Strong frame using two horizontal beams (or one reinforced up beam) and Two intermediate structural reinforcement, consists the main body structure of the Sotres filter presses. This structure results in some benefits for the filter press like:
•    It supports the frame from the stresses exerted by the traction of the Hydraulic cylinder
•    The body has better persistence facing the weight of the movable head, the cakes’ weight, and the plates pack weight.
•    Reinforced frame let the filter press to have longer beams that gives the company, the flexibility to have more number of filter plates and more feed rate as the result.

Sectioning operation
Filter plates in Sotres Filter presses are divided in to number of sections. Plates of each section will perform the opening and closing procedure with each other and the whole procedure is done by following operation of the sections. This sectioning operation method brings some benefit for the filter press:

•    No need for long cylinders than can improve the lifetime and lower the damage of the cylinder
•    Lower power consumption in gearbox
•    Better Gear motor controlling, using frequency inverter
•    No chain included