Tailing technology High energy; Key to the highest recovery

Tailing Technology has been operational since 2002, perfecting and developing floatation equipment to increase recovery and reduce downtime when implemented in floatation operations. As pioneers in PGM flotation industry, TT highly skilled design and engineering expertise allowed Tailing technology to tailor to the client’s needs and develop a specific product optimized to process a variety of feed grade/tailings materials, Retreating current arising tailings from concentrators and retro-fitting conventional cells to accommodate high energy cell applications.

Technical expertise and process knowledge affords the company to design, build, operate, maintain, and manage mineral processing plants, which perform hand in hand with labour supply to meet their promise of optimal recovery. This foundation continues to be the keystone of the TT’s success. It has been rewarded by being offered partnerships to operate plants alongside some of the largest players in the industry.  

The highs and lows that plague the industry have led the company to understand that continual profitability challenges face the industry. Therefore, every effort is made to ensure that each Rand spent produces maximum results for the clients.
Tailing Technology has developed a product that is believed to be  superior to current floatation equipment on the market from metallurgical, maintenance and operational perspective.



We have seen overall recovery improvements in previous retrofit installations from 0.5% -10%+. Tailing Technology’s High-energy equipment assists with the recovery of slow floating fine material, as well as coarse material, which would otherwise not be recovered by conventional float cells. TT High Energy Mechanisms disperse forced air into small bubbles in the slurry, the energy input ensures there is optimal bubble-particle contact this in turn ensures that the PGM mineral is nucleated inside of the bubble increasing recovery.

Using high quality materials such as poly-urethane, rubber, quality bearings, etc and more effective implementation of air and enhanced hydro-dynamics which reduces wear on the wet ends resulted in extended life of parts and reduced downtime for maintenance.  Our equipment is easier to replace and maintain and the replacement can be done while plant is running as our units are not fixed to the base of the cell. This increases availability and reduces the cost of downtime.

Effective control of cell’s mass pull and grade with level and air control makes Tailing Technology High Energy Mechanisms easy to operate when compared to self-induced cells.
Due to the high energy and effective air circulation, the tank cells don’t silt up during operation. This is an important factor of our mechanisms and cells the accumulation of material on the cell floor reduces cell active volume and residence time and allows for the collection of heavy minerals not being recovered resulting in spikes in tails grades and increase downtime needed to wash out cells.