Engineering services and design

Important engineering services involve basic and detailed design, which in a specific mineral processing plant considered as a complicated and important task. Different ranges of minerals and their various features, make mining processing plant projects challenging for engineering companies, since they require unique solutions and techniques according to plant performance.
Designing a mineral processing plant, begins with various studies such as mineralogical composition of the ore body, plant-required performance, recovery and the product grade and analysis of market by means of being aware of possible restrictions on commercial activities in engineering service provider companies.
Minimizing capital expenditures and also maximizing the long term profits only can occur by an appropriate and fundamental design. Also, a functional plant design with careful planning and execution of the startup can help to ensure the plant, bring into efficient production and make commissioning problems solved one by one.
Actually, there are main stages in designing a mineral processing plant:

  • Conceptual and basic design  
  • Detailed design and equipment selection
  • Layout
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Performance test
  • Training and maintenance


In the field of process design using the most suitable technological processes should be considered, so the physical factors of the ore, its chemical composition and mining conditions should be taken into account.
Our team in Mineser, consists of experienced engineers and experts present in our offices in Portugal, France, Germany and South Africa, provide complete mineral processing engineering service packages with highest technical knowledge including basic and detailed design, implementation and operation of mineral processing lines, optimization and capacity augmentation and efficiency enhancement of condensing plants as well as the technology of basic equipment of factories in the field of design and manufacture. Mineser provides advanced technologies that have already proven reliability in mining and processing plants around the world.
Also our engineering services in both green field and brown filed include:
Green field services:

  • Basic design and detailed design and execution
  • Review and endorsement of designs
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Performance test
  • Procurement management

Brown field services:

  • Mine to product evaluation and optimization
  • Circuit parts audits and trouble shooting
  • Mine to process modeling
  • Trouble shooting in copper smelting plants

Our partnerships with the biggest well-known European and South African companies in the field of design and construction in France, Portugal, South Africa and other countries will be the key to the success of the projects.
Furthermore, our experienced engineering team offer technical and appropriate design for maintenance to increase availability and avoid unexpected shutdowns so by this way the efficiency of the plant will be increased.
Reduction of mineral resources and environmental degradations make us and our partners to make our ore processing projects more environmental friendly. We offer the best environmental-friendly with highest possible efficiency solutions according to our previous experiences and projects that we have done all over the world.